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14th MUNDUS VINI Great International Wine Awards 2014

14th MUNDUS VINI Great International Wine Awards 2014


Letter below from MUNDUS VINI to Uniwines:

Dear Ms. MRS Maritz,

Many thanks for taking part in the 14th MUNDUS VINI Great International Wine Awards 2014, and congratulations on the award won by your wine.

About 150 jury members from 26 countries came here to Neustadt as our guests in February. They carried out a professional sampling of the wine you submitted, and rewarded it with a medal for its excellent quality. This time, the jury members gave out a total of 21 of the coveted Grand Gold medals, 535 gold medals and 629 silver medals.

Due to our strict rules, the awarding of medals is limited to 40 per cent of entries maximum. Your wine passed this test with flying colours.

 Therefore be a part of the tasting zone MUNDUS VINI 2014 at ProWein, Duesseldorf, and register your winning wine online on https://www.meiningers-weinsuche.com/sites/default/files/mv20140/muvi_prowein_en.pdf
The participation fee for each wine will be 50 Euros at the tasting zone.

We would now like to wish you lots of success with the marketing of your product, which will be greatly helped by your MUNDUS VINI medal. Order your medal stickers now, using the online order form under https://www.meiningers-weinsuche.com/en/medals

Using Meininger’s WINE SEARCH you can become acquainted with the many delightful MUNDUS VINI winners – and embark on an exciting voyage of discovery … have a look at

https://www.meiningers-weinsuche.com/en/mundus-vini-2014 from 12 March on.

You can see the award boundaries and the aroma wheel for your wine under



 Daschbosch Exanimo 2013 (ID 2136591)  –  Gold


 Total acidity (g / l): 6

residual sugar (g / l) : 1,8

relative density (20°C/20°C): 0,988

Lot number: L3352

retail price (EUR VAT incl.): 15


Yours sincerely,

Susanne Reineck-Bauer                                Christoph Meininger
Tasting manager MUNDUS VINI                Manager MUNDUS VINI GmbH