While building a new irrigation dam for his farm, high up on the slopes of his mountain, the farm owner saw the possibility of creating a weekend getaway campsite. The campsite spot has unprecedented views all the way to Worcester, he felt that this spot was the perfect spot to set up a campsite.
Soon after completion, the indigenous fauna and flora were reintroduced to the area and a vast stretch on the embankment was carpeted in a lawn to create a sense of space.

The owner of the land, refurbished an unused shipping container turning the space into 2 showers and 2 lavatories.  There is also a very comfortable kitchen/scullery.

There is a space set up adjacent to the container and covered by a large roof with enough room to pitch a tent undercover too—perfect protection against the elements.

It is a lovely campsite located on a working farm, but perfectly situated on the upper levels of the mountain side at the edge of a dam, to take in the views of the valley.

The campsite is private and exclusively booked per party of guests.

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