Our vision is to produce authentic wines with a true sense of place which reflects the unique location of our vineyards.

The focus is on sustainable farming and winemaking practices resulting in limited intervention in both the vineyard and cellar. Our people’s skills contribute and affirm our commitment to better understand the concept of terroir and manage our natural resources through conservation adding to the singularity of our wines.
We strive for our customers to have an emotional connection with our wines, experiencing a true sense of its origin and appreciating the beauty of its creation.


Our vineyards and winery are located on the fertile slopes of the Brandwacht Mountain Range. The vineyards endure big diurnal temperature swings and strong winds at altitudes ranging from 250m to 450m above sea level. During winter, the mountain peaks are covered in snow, keeping the vines dormant for longer and in summer the constant winds have a cooling effect on the vines.


Micro management of our vineyards ensures the perfect balance within each vine achieving a good balance between the vine and its fruit. In the cellar, we keep our techniques simple with minimal intervention in order to respect and maintain the natural balance and produce authentic wines. Every year the winemaking process is slightly adjusted to best suit the particular vintage.

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